Thursday, September 23, 2010

What the...

"Ohh!! what a story man!", she said in a voice so high pitched that the glass on the table was ready to end its life. "Hey! why don't you blog dude?. This comment/suggestion was given to me from a very close friend of mine who read a personal response essay I wrote two years back. To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to it, it just sort of went in through one ear and out the other. But now, two years later, that close friend of mine and a few others have been on my case about creating a blog. After being nagged so much, I decided what the hay, it wouldn't kill to share my thoughts, opinions and perspective with the world so I will. All set and ready and pumped about making a 'Blog', ooh a Blog, I logged on to the computer, found this site and signed up. The idea of posting my very first blog was all that was in my head! Other than that, I had absolutely NO idea of what one is supposed to do when posting a blog! It finally hit me and my excitement just died, like buried its self in a corner somewhere. What the..! I don't know how to Blog!!  There's no topic, no film to study, no story or poem or picture to analyse, no question to answer. Then what the... am I supposed to write here? Where do I start? Sure, I have read many blogs and fantastic ones too, but all those bloggers were inspired or touched by some sort of experience or idea. What my inspiration. I don't got the moment! But, after sinking deeper and deeper into my chair, I realised that everything has a beginning. The beginning is here. I have just shared my very first blog with you. A blog about writing a blog! Is it lame? sure. Is it a reality that many fresh bloggers and writers face? Hell yeah! [oops! I promised myself I wasn't going to curse here. Crap!]

It's not always easy finding a starting point. Some things in front of us are so puzzling that we can't tell where the starting point is. Sometimes things look like big loops and circles and there just doesn't seem to be a starting point. So we just have to pick up a piece of that puzzle and place it where we think it belongs, after that the rest will fall into its right place. And what about those big loops and circles you ask? Just stand on any one point and call it your beginning.

Yours truly