Thursday, September 29, 2011

I..I love you like a love song baby!


Last week I was on the phone with someone, arranging an interview for a job opening. We talked about the job: Hours, Tasks, Salary etc.. Then we decided to exchange some contact information. She asked for my address, email address etc. to get started on the verification process. In return I asked her for her Email address:

“So can I get your email?, In case I have any questions, I don’t want to call you constantly”, I joked.

“Oh sure honey! It’s “”, she said politely.

“Awh. That’s cute”, I commented smiling.

“I’m getting divorced! It’s called sarcasm”, she laughs.



Leave it up to Yours Truly to put herself in such awkward situations.  --__--

On the other hand, MAN! how do people take such serious situations so lightly! Eye rolling smile

Hope you loveliees have a great weekend!


Yours Truly x

Monday, September 26, 2011

“What’s your favourite strawberry ice-cream with cherry on top?”


In my life I have been asked many questions. [okay lame start I know. but its Monday, give me a break] From my name, to my field of study, to my phone number. Common questions that we come across everyday, and many times a day. Then there are questions that we used to ask each other oh! back in the day: what is your favourite so and so? Ah! Speaking of favourites. I once watched a video of a man standing on the sidewalk asking random people who walked by, this one simple head-scratching question:

Who is your favourite person!?

The face expression on the people’s face was like they had been struck by a baseball on the head. Favourite person? Is there such a thing…?

We are surrounded by people we love, and people that love us. But to pick one of these people and say that He or She is my favourite? I don’t know how I would tackle that question to be honest with you. And what about the other way around..?

Who’s favourite person are you?

Right of the bat, we all would think: “No one!” because we don’t think that we can have that big of an impact on someone. I mean someone may love us and all, but am I their favourite…?

A daughter would wish she is her Daddy’s favourite.

A wife would wish she is her husband’s favourite.

An employee would wish he/she is his/her boss’s favourite.

But can we really erase the uncertainty from this question…?

That’s what relationships are, are they not? A sky of uncertainty, with Fireworks of pleasure. Fireworks of sorrow. Fireworks of patience. Fireworks of passion.

And if you are sitting there wondering about how to answer that question, chances are you are attached to many love strings. And that is a blessing!


Hope you’re having a great week lovelies <3


Yours Truly x


This one is for you Hot chocolate!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A heads up to my dear future Hubbband!



Help me

Since the topic of Marriage has been let out the bag, I thought I’d make a “ He must have/be” list of my own:

  1. He must be funny [if you can make me laugh, life is going to be a LOT less stressful!]
  2. He must be clever [Can tell the difference between tuna and chicken]
  3. He must have awesome hair :D
  4. He must NOT be a sports fanatic. [We will end before we even start!]

Hope that was somewhat interesting for you guys, coz for me none of that matters. Praying five times a day, fasting, keeping a strong Emaan and being educated will do just fine for me. :)

Although Number 3 and 4 would be a bonus. :D


Hope you all are doing great! <3


Yours Truly x

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just one thing…


If there was one thing I could get for you, it would be the memories of our past.

If there was one thing I wish you had held on to, it would be your Imaan.

If there was one thing I wish you had not lost your faith in, it would be the Almighty.

If there was one thing I could give back to you, it would be your Haya.

If there was one place I could take you, it would be the house of God.

If there was one thing I could ask you to do, it would be to ask for forgiveness for yourself.

If there was one thing I could do for you, it would be to bring you back on Sirat-al-mustaqeem.

Monday, September 12, 2011

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”


You know when there is that time when you feel totally lost and really on the edge? Well I don’t know how others get over that fear, or find their way but this is what I do:

When I feel completely lost and on the edge, right about to fall off I stick with nothing but these few words:

the minute

After remembering these words my heart starts to feel much better and things start to make sense. It gives me courage to step back from the edge, and try to sort out whatever it is that has me puzzled. It just…helps you know? The feeling I get after remembering these words is like the feeling you get when a friend gives you a warm hug. Normally, I would just turn to my friends for a hug when I’m feeling lonely, but when they’re not around I turn to these words.

How do you get over that feeling? :)


Hope you loveliees are having a good week. I’ll catch up with you all soon hopefully!


Take care


Yours Truly x

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

“The headlights are on, while the engine is turned off”



waking up

On the train:

Me: This is way too early for me.

J: haha! get used to it Miss. Starting Wednesday, the 6:00 alarm sound is going to be your like music to your ears!

Me: UGH!

J: Let’s grab some coffee yeah?

Me: Sounds good!

At the coffee shop:

J: I’ll have the vanilla mocha tall please.

Me: I’ll have a double double tall as well, thanks!

J: *Makes disgusted face*

**They wait for the orders.**


The cafeteria lounge:

J: So are we on a date or something?

Me: *speechless* where in the world did that come from?

J: Because uhmm you didn’t pay for anything.

Me: *lols*


You know you are tired when…:P x