Tuesday, May 24, 2011

“Roaming around and looking down at all I see. Painted faces fill the spaces I can’t reach. You know that I could use somebody”


little girl

Can you hear it?

The little voice inside your head.

The pep talks. The tough decisions. The motivation. The hope.

It’s there through them all. There’s no doubt about it.

It is just one of those things that you take for granted.

Never to think that you would ever lose that voice.

Gosh! What would happen if you did?

No pep talks. No motivations. No hopes.

Just blank space giving birth to apatheism.

When the flowers begin to bloom.

When the green world around you dances under the pale blue sky.

When the sun takes over the days again, leaving long lasting energy.

When the rain comes down at nights to have whispers with the sweet wet grass.

That little voice decides to slowly disappear.

Like a little girl sneaking out of her mother’s sight on a crowded street.

An early vacation is it?

To enjoy the four months of summer before the cold nights take over the days again.

To catch up with the cool breeze and the waving waters.

Leaving you behind, when it is all that you need.

Can you still hear it?



Yours Truly






Title: Use somebody – Kings of Leon

Friday, May 13, 2011

“Open wide and say ‘Aaaaaaaaaa’”


The big ONE EIGHT happened on Thursday. No biggy.

Let me give you some deets on how birthdays are celebrated at True’s house:

They’re not.

Once in every two or three years if we get together with the relatives or friends on one of our birthdays we may choose to cut some candles and blow some cake ;] but apart from that, it is quite rare to celebrate each family members’ birthdays each year. Personally, I am alright with that. When it comes to my birthday I would rather not have a big celebration or a huge cake, and most importantly, surprises. I dislike those. But when it’s someone else’s birthday, I am willing to do all those things, plus ten =D.

Thursday morning before leaving the house,I was given a birthday hug from the youngest one and the a punch on the shoulder from the other, and that was basically all I was expecting. Apparently the little ones had something totally different planned:



I was too shocked and awed at first to say anything, so my first reaction to the cake was really this: =O. They little ones were so sneaky and clever about the whole thing, and the whole time I was home I had no clue there was a cake and cameras being set up in the dining room awaiting me. It was the cutest thing ever, and a real justification for the crappy weak I was having. When I was finally able to close my mouth and put together some words, my first question to my siblings was, “Why is this cake purple? What happened to getting the Chocolate Lava that you two loveee soo much?”. At hearing that, my youngest one looked up at me like I had just asked the most stupid question ever! “Purple is your favourite colour, that’s why we bought this one. It looked preeeettyyy”, she replies with such innocence, it made me smile for ages. Heck! I’m smiling as I type this! She left me speechless again, and I decided to retain from saying or asking anything after that and went on with the cutting ceremony so we could all enjoy some beautiful 'purple cake’.

When I was a little girl, my Mom told me: ‘Allah (swt) did not create us for that one day. We were made to survive each and every day of our lives, and Thank him for that on all 365 days, five times a day.’ God bless my Mom for putting that realization into my heart at such a young age, and since then I never really care much for birthdays. All these years I’ve followed her advice closely, and thank The Almighty each and everyday for the life I have. However, there is one blessing that I don’t remember to count each and everyday and Thursday’s birthday surprise made me realise just that. The overpowering love of my family that I’m blessed with is beyond comparison to anything in this world, even my own life. Ironically, this time it was the little ones who put that realisation in my heart and I cannot thank them enough.





                                   The cutting of the C A K E!


Taking a picture with the little one on that DSi thingy!









                                     The little one taking out a piece to rub on my face.



Hope you lovelies are having a great weekend!


Take care


Yours Truly x