Monday, February 4, 2013

Let’s be real!


Hey Y’all!

I sound so American! How did that happen?!

you know what! can I just be real with you?..just for a sec. Can I take this “Yours Truly: writer about sad stories ish” costume off and have a heart to heart. One person to another. k thanks.

*takes a deeeeep breath*

I need my life back you guys! I need to just drop these bags of school and work problems off of my shoulders for a minute, and stretch my back! I. am. tired.

I know you probably have MUCH bigger problems than me. You probably have bigger deals waiting to happen in your life, whereas lame ol’ Yours Truly is always complaining about one thing or another! I get it!

I’m not here to rant and share another sad story with you. I’m just here to type without a topic in mind for once. Type out the flow of thoughts as they come, and not think too deep.

You are more than welcome to share what you want. Share your monday story, or tuesday story or whatever else happened during the week! Anytthhing my phrend! I’ll listen. Tweet me. comment. FB me. whatever you wants!

I’ll make a cup of coffee, or stop by Starbucks real quick, or get some lemonade. Whatever floats your boat! We will sit and we will talk and it will be greats! okay?



**Reminder to self: Don’t actually publish this post!


Too bad Yours Truly me! Not everything needs to be perfect story line, grammar everything okay! Life ain’t a movie!