Friday, September 28, 2012

That beautiful thing called ‘hope’ tied and tangled in knots.



Things break and they’re replaced. Especially when it comes to technology, it may not break, but 6 months later its old, and you want it replaced with something better. Other things, say ones that have sentimental values are hard to replace. An old 18th century watch passed down to you over generations may not work, but you keep it in the box anyway, because as strange as it is, there is a bond that keeps you from letting go.

Speaking of bonds, there are many bonds that we form with others which become so strong that at the end it becomes difficult to let go. Tragedies like death have to step in to release us of those bonds so we can be reminded that life has to move on. Then there are bonds between people that they break intentionally because, “It just didn’t work”.

In the past, I have let go of strings that had reached their expiry date, but I had never intentionally cut a string because of those four words. Not until this past summer.

I wont get into the details of what happened, who it was with and why it had to be done. But I will share with you what I learned from it.

You are always going to meet people that you get along with so well that you become long lasting friends. Then you are going to meet people that you can bear because it’s only temporary. But not often do you come across people that you seem to develop a strong relationship with, only to realise much later that it was falling apart all along. In some cases you may choose to put those pieces together and preserve what there is. But in others you have to pack it up, say goodbye and throw it out. Because, ‘it just didn’t work’.

This experience was all new to me and so I didn’t handle it well when I had to pack things up, but after some frozen yogurt and long talks with some friends I realised that not much could be done about it, and that it was something that will be in the past and become smaller and smaller as you move further away from it.

So all in all that was my summer. Not as fun as I had hoped for it to be, sadly. More on the fall and plans later.

Hope you lovely people are enjoying the crispy, yellow-orange, slightly chilly autumn! IT is my favourite season of all! What’s yours?


Yours Truly xx