Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You click 'Refresh' on Facebook again, you might as well burn the house down.

The one thing you don't hear often, is that the friends you have are just as important as a mom, dad, sister, brother. Therefore, when you get too caught up with work because the boss is on your case about that one report due on Friday. Or, when you work all weekend for that book review on Shakepsear's Hamlet. And, when you're driving around the city picking up your kids from a soccer game or dropping them off to a game, the ropes that starts to dangle first are the friendships. There is no more time for that coffee date with her on Saturday. You just can't seem to fit in that time to have the Msn chat with the friend that long distant friend. Logging on to Facebook, becomes a big no no, because it is far too distracting. This is where the 'drifting away' begins. It builds up and up, and before you know it, the two of you have become too distant.

 A few days ago, I was having a discussion with a very good friend of mine who happens to be =]. He is going to kill me for posting that link. Anyhoooo, we were discussing how sometimes we are too busy to make time for friends, and even family sometimes. We discussed, how most of the time, when people say they are too busy, they are just being lazy. "You can always make time if you really tried", said he. Some people are just so used to shooting out the phrase, "Sorry. Can't, I'm busy". It is one of those cliched responses, that we blurt out without thinking first.  Then, there is also the ones who are actually busy. Like, the examples I gave above about the intern at the office, the english student and the soccer mom. Those sort of tasks can occupy a great deal of our time, but it's only temporary. If you are constantly going to keep telling yourself and others that you are too busy, in the long run you are going to turn into a loser who has no friends. Pinch me for being so blunt. You cut yourself off from texting, msn, facebook and myspace, because God forbid you like a status when you are meant to be busy working. You will be a loser, because you thought that you will stay busy forever and always when really it only lasts a week or two. So, you should take five minutes to send that friend an email and just say Hi, and explain that you have been busy. Ask if you can make it up to them. Do this after you have handed in that report, but before moving on to the next task. In the discussion, my friend pointed out something important, which was prioritzing. If you prioritize, it forces you to schedule your time accordingly, and hopefully you will choose to have that one hour coffee date before you start on the second report due for next week.

To end this post on a friendlier note, I would like to share something I came across the other day: "No matter how busy you are, make time for the people who matter" because...

This is Yours truly's lame attempt at writing a Good blog. =P

peace x =]


  1. Great post!
    && so true, a small gesture can mean so much, especially after so long.

    Whoever he is I doubt he'd like to be compared to a button. Well unless he likes buttons!



  2. Nas: thank you! Oh and I'm sure he likes buttons. Who doesn't. ? :)

  3. so true, you can never be too busy & you should always make time for people you care about. And its the lamest excuse ever. okay you might not have time to meet up but whats technology for?! A quick phone call is sometimes all it takes.

    That comment is deep

    ~miss anon~