Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue moon you saw me standin’ alone. Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own.


Everybody has one of those days when you just feel sad. Some times you know why you’re sad sometimes you don’t, either way it sucks! Grief is a good thing at times because it can be that rain that comes down on us before the beautiful and lovely rainbow. But at times it’s just a constant throbbing in the heart and it can be very well A N N O Y I NG. We start feeling sad out of the blue and it’s just ugh [for the lack of a better word]. Long story short, I’ve been having those sort of days for the past week, and you can read this post to see why. Whether you’re having a good day or a bad day, it doesn’t stop life from moving on unfortunately [or rather fortunately, depending on how you take it'] and it doesn’t stop friends from trying their HARDEST to make you feel better, no matter how close or far they are, the true ones just don’t give up because they are just AWESOME like that. At this point I would like to shout out to the ones who have been there for me. Thank you, Gracias, Merci, Shukran, Dhannyabad. You all are way too lovely. Also, at this point I would like to address this post to the ones who have been having a bluuuueee day, when the sky seems too low, the moon looks sad and big, the night is dark and silent, the water in the lake is making the quiet slushing sounds like the tunes to a sad love song. Just remember that a blue moon doesn’t always bring a tear to the eye, sometimes it brings a smile and a feeling of awe. Like this one…


I have another set of little pictures to share with you, hopefully they will bring a smile to your face…

be gentle

The mug


take what you need



That’s it for the pictures, sorry if any of them were repeats I have lost track of what pictures I’ve already shared with you and what pictures I haven’t. Ooops!


This is Yours Truly sharing some love with you all x =]


  1. I think the people who do try hard, only do so because they care.
    And the pictures are AMAZING! Especially the mug :).


  2. Furree Katt: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. =]

    Nas: I know they do, and that makes them wonderfully awesome and cute! =]