Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“You sometimes think that you want to disappear, when really you just want to be found”


Normally I would write a post on political issues, or some serious life problems, or just share some wisdom of the Quran or the Ahlulbayt. Sadly, this week I am too exhausted to write anything about anything. Call it procrastination, being caught up with school work, or just…lack of motivation. This week, out of any has been the toughest. It’s come down to the point where I don’t have the energy to carry on without looking back, or even do what I do best: Rant, and make myself feel better. At the end of this week, I just want to pause everything. Then rewind back to the winter of 2006, and fast forward to where ever the happy days are. At the end of this week I have nothing to share with you of my own, but something different for a change:

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If even one of these made you smile, or relax your brows even for a millisecond, it’s mission accomplished for yours truly. :)

Happy Thursday guys!

Stay blessed! x