Sunday, July 1, 2012

Having way too much fun!

After two days without a cell phone I realised that it was like having no life.

Its often in the back of our heads, how much we depend on all these gadgets. But its not till you have to burry one, or send one for repair, you realise how unorganized and out of touch you become without them.

At least that is how it is for me. Sad, I know. But the upside of putting one down is having it replaced with a new one. :D.

This one is an Android, and the PR has promised to teach me how to work it! Though I am kind of getting the hang of this.

I should be able to do more blogging with this baby!

Whats your favourite gadget?

See you lovely people soon! :)

Yours Truly x


  1. haha my county is out of power for probably another week because of a storm we had Friday night.
    uncharged cell phones are just the start of the mess we're dealing with! I feel you, girl!! No lights, no AC, no internet, and no phones! I don't know what we ever did before these! haha

  2. I would love to have an upgrade - however I love my phone so much because it has a great camera on it!

  3. I didnt have a laptop for a week, did have my mobile....BUT it was strangely relaxing not having the net on the laptop...found time to do other things......

  4. Its good as I can have free time to do something else

  5. lovely blog, nice texts. i know what your talking about, when i didnt have my laptop for a week, i felt weird, because i actually had to think about what i could be bothered to do, other to sit on my bed and watch youtube videos or listen to music on itunes. my fave gadget would be my ipod, laptop or phone,not sure which comes at first place though.
    mind taking a look at my blog? need some start help :/

  6. I know the feeling, I didn't have access to internet or any other device for about 4-5 months. It was horrible in the beginning, but after awhile I think I was happy to be away from everything that comes with this "world."

    Started following you awhile back, but hadn't looked around and commented on anything. Finally got the chance and I'm really liking it. :)