Thursday, March 17, 2011

“There’s a sparkle in your eye that shines right through you and approaches me”



Fish Bowl Quilt Fabric: Rainbow Dolphin Fabric

Every Sunday I volunteer at the Mosque’s Sunday school. My usual jobs are to take the attendance of the students as they walk in to the mosque and help out the Principal with any paper work she needs me to do. Last Sunday, I was asked to substitute for the Kindergarten class because their teacher was sick. Okay! This is going to sound absolutely horrible, but I have never been happier about hearing about someone’s illness! Only because it meant that I get to spend an hour with the little ones! Open-mouthed smile. Stoked with excitement I drove to mosque, and found out that the Grade one class teacher had a special activity planned for Kindergarten and her class. They had recently been learning about the creation of Allah (swt) and on Sunday they did an arts and crafts activity. They coloured a diagram of a fish and cut it out in their fish shapes, and I helped them hook their fishiees on the blue sea I created on the bulletin board using blue tissue paper. Later on, I showed them a book I found in the library, about all sorts of fish that live in the sea. They were quite amazed by some of the names, like Tiger fish and Blue glass guppy etc. There was one name that stood out the most: The black Veil Tail fish. I read that one out loud to them with a tone of confusion and slight amusement and they all broke out into laughter. I wondered who really names these fish? Anyways, I turned the page and went on to showing them other fish in the sea with weird names. Three pages into the book and they had seen so many strange names of fish that when they saw a diver swimming along with the fish, one of the kindergarten girls commented, “Oh look! there’s a human fish!”. And the class broke out into laughter once again.


Yours Truly x =)


  1. awwwh, CUTE! that activity sounded pretty cool. the human fish part was a good idea. i love making kids laugh. isn't kindergarten THE BEST?!

  2. That's wicked! :D.
    Kids are awesome. && say the most cutest things ever!


  3. Awwh, Thats adorable!
    but duuuuude! How do you handle so many kids? I was getting all anxious reading about your excitement! I know that sounds super evil, but you know what i mean, right?

  4. @Furree Katt: Thanks for the comment! and yes! I totally agree, Kindergarten is the BEST class to teach. :D

    @Nas: Thank you! I know right? I actually LOL-ed when she said that about the human fish! XD. Their cuteness is infectious!

    @Smiley: LOL! I know what you mean. At times they are a bit tooo much to handle. But, I wasn't alone with them there were a couple other teachers with me in the classroom so it wasn't that bad! It's fun being with them, makes you feel like a kid again! :P