Wednesday, March 30, 2011

“What happened to the Ummah once known so well?”

Protester 5 
On March 20, 2011 I took part in a protest at DownProtester 1town. It was  an urgent protest organized by our Mosque’s imam for the mass killing happening in Bahrain. Masha' Allah majority of the Muslims of the city were there. There were people from different cultures, who spoke different languages, who had a different skin tone from one another, who had families living in Bahrain, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India. Some of us didn’t know anything about each other, but we all had one thing in common. Our belief. Our faith. Our hope. Our sympathy. Our tears. Most importantly, our voice against the genocide of the Shi’a Muslims in Bahrain. I went to the protest, pretty clueless as to what I was protesting for. I knew I was standing up against the injustice being done to the people in Bahrain, Protester 4but I did not have a full background on what exactly was going on there. When all us protesters arrived at Downtown, I saw videos and heard horrible news that kept me awake for some nights. Frankly enough, these videos and stories were not shared by the local or even national news channels. I’m not going to share all the stories, or the most horrible videos with you but I will share one that is has become the symbol for the injustice being done in Bahrain.
For those of you who don’t know, the population of Bahrain is less than a million. That is a small amount compared to other countries that hold well over a million people. Sixty percent of the population there is Shi’a. The population that has now become a target of a systematic genocide! There is no revolution. It is not the same as it is in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia where people fought or are fighting for the change of the government and the political system. Where some heads were broken to bring about a change. What we see now in Bahrain is a cleansing of the Shi’a [the majority] population of a country. It is not a civil war, like the media has been repeatedly saying it is. In order to have a civil war or any kind of a war you need  opposing countries to fight each other with weapons and armed forces. What kind of civil war is it when one of the parties has no army or weapons to fight with? When all they carry are the national flags of Bahrain and roses. It is absolutely disgusting to see a injustice flooded upon all the innocent people in Bahrain, and not be able to do anything about it! That guilt of being so far away from all the injustice and being so well off here in the West has led me to write this post. To raise awareness in every way I can about THE BRUTAL MASSACRE. THE MASS GENOCIDE. THE SECTARIAN CLEANSING happening in Bahrain.
Please take a moment to read and watch the video.
Thank you.
hujairiI found the following video on Splendid sky’s blog. It was shocking and yet truly inspiring and I thank Splendid sky for sharing it. The video is of the daughter of a nurse and a Quran reciter in Bahrain who like many other nurses and doctors was kidnapped, tortured in the most brutal manner and eventually killed. And to completely erase any sign of humanity from their foreheads, the oppressing army and for the lack of a better word, haters drove cars over the dead body of Martyr Abdul Al Rasul Hasan Ali Al Hujairi. These doctors and nurses are being tracked down and arrested in hospitals, some of them while in the Operation room performing operations on injured protesters. They are charged with being human and treating the injured protesters. There are many doctors and nurses in Bahrain that are missing.
There are many many more videos and articles out there that show the brutality of the Saudi and Bahraini regime. The government of Bahrain, in ally with their “friends”, the other governments in the Gulf are set upon bringing a Shi’a holocaust in Bahrain. There are human rights being violated. The majority innocent population is being massacred openly by their own government. Doctors and Nurses are being kidnapped and killed. Yet, there is no sign of the Non-governmental entities. The human rights organizations, the medical associations, the nursing associations haven’t taken a step against this injustice. Not to say that they have not spoken about it, but where are they in the scene? Surely, they are desperately needed. They are looked upon to speak out for the innocent people losing their lives day by day. The US  and other countries have warned their citizens living in Bahrain to evacuate immediately because of the civil unrest. If they can ask their own citizens to evacuate, why can’t they make a statement about the wrong doings of the governments?  Is it because Bahrain has no ‘oil’ to offer them like the Saudis? Or maybe, because they’re too scared to stand up against Saudi Arabia [which is openly taking part in this Massacre] because they might ban the oil from going to the US. So they let thousands of innocent lives tortured, injured and killed daily. It reminds me of the beautiful quote I once heard: “The day we stop fighting for each other is the moment we lose our humanity”
Stop killingI think the story of Martyr Abdul Al Rasul Hasan Ali Al Hujairi questions the Man kind loud and clear. It calls upon the mankind, especially the Muslim Ummah to take a stand against this Sectarian cleansing before Bahrain turns into another Bosnia, or Palestine. There isn’t more I have to say about this other than to ask you to please pray and raise awareness of the issue in Bahrain. Also, please visit Splendid Sky’s page for more information on the protest in Bahrain and another heart stopping story of nurse Bahiya Al-Aradi. She has also become the symbol of the brutality that the Shi’a of Bahrain are faced with daily.
“He who hears a Muslim calling out: “Oh Muslims come to my rescue.” He who hears a distress call of other brothers and sisters of the same faith but does not respond to him, has nothing to do with Islam.”
             -- Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
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  1. I really had no idead anything like this was going on, it just doesn't get accurate coverage. The video was so sad, I could hear the pain in the girl's voice :(

  2. It is really really sad when the leaders and or the majority of a country strip the rights of people away from them.


    The video really tugs at the heart strings. :(.

    I remember a hadith in which the Holy Prophet (saw) said, "A Muslim is one from whose actions and words other Muslims/people are safe"

    May the Almighty bring an end to these injustices. =/.

  3. Assalaam Alaikum Yours Truly,

    Thanks for sharing this information with everyone! I strongly believe we should all be aware of the tragedies taking place day after day in the Middle East and do our best to help those suffering in the midst of extreme persecution, even if it may be indirectly.

    And I agree with the above, the video was so heartbreaking to watch. May Allah grant Abdul Al Rasul Hasan Ali Al Hujairi a place in Jannah and bestow on his family sabr during these difficult times.

    With the recent events taking place around the world I'm also reminded of a hadith.

    Nu'man b. Bashir (radhiAllahu 'anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (sallAllahu 'alayhi wa sallam) as saying: "The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever."

  4. Insha'Allah, I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged in one of my posts!

  5. arrogance on behalf of the Muslim's is causing us to move into an unwanted kufr direction. We have forgot the definition of a true Momin (believer). Hazrat Muhammad (saw) said, A true Muslim is whos tongue and hands other Muslims are safe from. ( i might have reworded it... but it means the same thing)

    - and keep doing what you're doing.... respect <3