Thursday, October 27, 2011

“Advance in goodness and rise to the horizon. Sublimity wanted from Muslims”


Positive Reinforcement doesn’t get any better than this:



Advance in goodness and rise to the horizon
Sublimity wanted from Muslims
You are the symbol of pearls and glories
Abandon the mud and rise to the sky
You will never see a night without a star
Run up the flags and go ahead Light the lamp and be determined
Overcome the terrors however dark they are
Always advance by your firm will
Be a mole and symbol for people
Who seeks glory and sheds tears
Under the cover of dark night
Or raises dust in the enemy's face
Heaven has perfect magic
Always advance by your firm will
And be like mole and inspirational symbol for people


Happy Thursday Peeps!



  1. thanks for sharing :) hope you have a lovely weekend :D

  2. Very thought provoking words, Take care, Karima

  3. Beautiful! Where do you get time to write such gems huh?

  4. I didn't write anything. That's just the english translation of the Nasheed. :)