Sunday, October 30, 2011

Release of Sheikh Usama A-Atar from Detention in Saudi Arabia


Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Release Shaykh Usama Al-Atar immediately.

"He amongst you who witnesses an evil, let him change (remove, stop) it with his hand. If unable, then with his tongue, and if unable, then with his heart, and this indeed is the weakest Iman."
- Prophet Mohammed


Hello/Salam Everyone,

Recently our residential Imam was arrested and beaten in Saudi Arabia while attending Hajj.
He was one of the biggest influence on Shi'a Muslims around the world, and the most kind gentleman I have ever encountered.

Today he needs our prayers more than anything! If you could kindly pray for his release and safe return home, our Edmonton Shi'a Muslim society would be forever grateful to you.

Remember, Oppression is wrong under any circumstance on anybody. If you care for humanity, please take action, even if that just means sparing a prayer for him.

If you care about humanity, your religion and if you know Dr. Usama personally, then please sign this petition! Time is running out, as his court hearing is today!

From one human being to another.


  1. My prayers go out to him! I don't get it, why was he arrested and beaten? That's horrible! :o

  2. I will make dua insha'Allah

    Khoda hafez
    XO Arezu

  3. He was beaten for reciting a supplication on the graves of the prophet's family and friends. Also, he has done many many protests against the oppression and injustice in Bahrain. He openly admitted to the media that the Saudi gov't have been openly aiding the oppression in Bahrain. The Saudi gov't have kept him in an unknown location and put false charges on him.

  4. It really pisses me off on the way they (Saudi Arabia and other arab countries) treat Shia muslims!

    Sunni's have gotten way to high and mighty on their horses and have no right to treat any person who believes in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that way!

    Like I mean at the end of the day were all muslims.

    Inshallah may Allah allow him to come back home safe and sound.


    ps. Sorry I ranted a bit quite there didn't I? :P

  5. You're not ranting. You're just stating the facts. Thank you! Please remember him in your Duas!