Monday, January 16, 2012

“And you say, “Just a moment, I’ve almost finished””



Rubbing the top right corner with her thumb, running her eyeballs across the page and taking her time to think and make sense of what lay behind the mess of the black ink.

A glance at the clock, and then right back to where she had discontinued. Conscious says to put it to rest for the night, but the urge says, “oh just one more page”.

She gives in, turning one page after the other, scanning the writing with her eyes like a hawk.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass on by but the urge goes on until there’s no more corners left to turn.

She finally puts it down, all the while smiling at the happy ending.

The lights go off and she rests her head on the soft pillow, getting ready to board on to the cruise of dreams…of those very pages that she was turning of course.. ;)


We all have had this moment, or many of them. When you just can’t let go. The point of the story was not to remind you of those moments, but to advice to you that if you ever come across a someone who happens to be like that one book that you sacrificed your sleep for…

make sure to go through to the very last page. ;)


Hope you lovely lovely people are having a fantastic week.

Stay blessed. :)



Title: If on a winter’s night a traveler (1979; trans. William Weaver)

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