Thursday, February 16, 2012

“Where you don’t see any rising sun, down to the river we will run”


When I first laid my eyes on that painting, all I  wanted to do was take a leap into the world inside it. I wanted to jump right into the black and white world that stood still in front of me. It was so unbelievably still and quiet. It’s impossible to find a place like that in the real world. Hence why it was framed in a canvas for the human eye to long for.

I wanted to sit on the edge that doesn’t curve in and gives into gravitational forces.

I wanted to walk under those lights that only shine in the darkness.

I wanted the wind that makes the leaves dance, to whistle into my ears.

I wanted to follow the logs in the river, till they escaped out of my vision.

I wanted to hold the time on the palm of my hands, and watch it sit still.

I wanted to leave the chaos behind me, and fly into the simplicity of that picture.

I wanted to escape reality.

I did.


Have a lovely weekend readers,


Yours Truly x



Title: Riverside by Agnes Obel


  1. Beautifully written!

    Next time you go, take me with you.

  2. oh wow. how DID you escape reality? tell me the secret please :3

  3. Hi Furree Katt. I just jumped into it you know!:) x
    Hey Nas: no! get your own ticket!