Monday, May 14, 2012

“Do you think it’ll be alright if I just crash here tonight? You see I’m in no shape for driving and I’ve got no place to go.”


Heart Aches

"No no no! You don't understand. Jelly donuts don't just have a lil' bit of jelly like you put on a toast or something. I saw the chef make 'em myself. He injects the thing with so much jelly that it nearly pops! Each and every one of 'em!" she explained in a sort of disgusted manner. Working in fast food wasn't the best job, but she was always fascinated by the amount of fats and sugars her customers can consume in just a $2.45 on a daily basis.

It's funny how much a round of dough can stretch to hold all that jelly inside it. Do you think it ever pops? Isn't that the case with anything that holds other things? A balloon with too much air would eventually pop! Speaking of which, I was surprised with a whole bunch of balloons in my room for my birthday last week..but I decided to pop them all before I went to bed, only because I was scared one might POP in the middle of the night and I would die in my sleep!

Anyways, and what about a suitcase packed with items, the zipper's eventually got to give up, no? What I sometimes wonder is that what if these lifeless containers of jelly and air and clothes could feel the burden inside them. Would they ache? Kind of like a heart you know? When there's just way too much locked up inside it begins to ache, does it not? Reminding you to take off some of that pressure or things could get bad for you.

Since my personal pressure reliever (PR) has been busy doing a Masters in petrol or fish or something, I haven’t really had time to let out some of the pressure. Also I feel bad for them, they’ve always been that pillow that gets punched when you’re upset (figuratively! I would NEVER actually do that!) Haven't told this to the PR yet either, or they'd drop all their papers and projects and come running. Friends and their loyalty..pshht!

So I've decided to find another tool to release all this pressure: Blogging. I’ve done this before and it hasn’t always worked, but I’m still going to give it another try. Mind you that it won’t be just a daily log of what happened and how I felt, but it will be veiled with fictional stories with a hint of reality in them. Like it says in the ‘about me’ box, its your job to guess what is what ;).

So, I will be getting back to you all real soon with stories and ramblings that have been inside this container far too long. The best part of it all will be reading your stories and feel that human touch you know?

Till then, take care of yourself, be good and keep writing like there's no tomorrow! ;)

Yours truly



Title: Gin Blossoms – Hey Jealousy

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