Wednesday, May 30, 2012

“Stuck in that time when we called it love, but even the sun sets in Paradise”


quiet street

Okay, so just a few days ago I posted a lil’ sum sum about summer and the shining sun, and then the sky got all dark and started bawling…and it has been bawling since then.

Although I find rain to be quite peaceful, as you may remember from this, I  sometimes find it to be a little too dampening and cold if continues on for too long. The odd thing is, people normally take their cars out in the rain even to go to a store 5 minutes away just to avoid getting wet, whereas I enjoy the walk! Apart from the wind that goes right through my cotton scarves and swirls around my neck giving me chills, I find it to be quite nice. The grass smells fresh, the leaves look so pretty with the rains resting on them. The streets tend to get quite lonely in the rain too, since people decide to stay indoors and enjoy some cozy time on the couch or making nice hot meals in the kitchen. I sometimes find myself taking the long way home on a rainy day, just to enjoy a few more minutes of the pitter patter! After all, in a monotonous life of school and work, you don’t always get wash off the wariness that covers you. Sometimes you need to smell something refreshing to help your mind and body breathe again.

This post was not meant to be about rain at all, but I guess my mind decided to digress. Ah well! Maybe I’ll tell you what I really came to tell you some other time.

I hope you’re week is going well!


Yours Truly x

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