Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Save Tonight and Fight the Break of Dawn'

October 5, 2010 at 7:15 am exactly my Blackberry ‘ding-ed’ to wake me up like usual. Just as I do every single day I got out of bed, rubbing my eyes and stumbled over to the phone to turn off the alarm. However, when I went to click the ‘turn off’ button for the alarm I saw there was no alarm. Ugh! I forgot to set the alarm again!, I thought to myself and put the cell phone back on the table. As I was turning back I realised, if I had forgot to set the alarm then how and why did the cell phone ‘Ding’?. This was turning out to be one weird morning, because normally I would get out of bed, turn off the alarm, go to the bathroom, get ready and get on with the day. Never would I sit there with my eyes half shut, grabbing the phone and putting it back and grabbing it again, while the whole time my bed is calling me back to sleep. And on top of that have these little conversations going on in my head. I rubbed my eyes once again and looked back at the phone, to see a tiny yellow envelope on the top of the screen. Yes, it was an email notifying ding. I smiled and rolled my eyes, because I knew exactly who’s email it was, and I also knew that it was going to be something awesome and would put a big smile on my face by the time I was finished reading it. So, instead of waiting till the end of the email to smile, why not open it with a smile? I clicked the box and popped open this: "Hey buddy! How are you?....Have a lovely day! =] x". The email also had a beautiful PowerPoint attached to it. Reading this email and watching that PowerPoint was the first thing I did that morning, and after that I sat there for a minute smiling and thinking how sweet my friend was to send me this email. He probably didn’t expect me to read it first thing in the morning while stumbling out of bed and having stupid little conversations in my head, but there honestly couldn’t have been a better time to read it. The reason for that being, at the end of the previous day I was hit with some upsetting news and it had turned my day into shit! This email I got the next morning had me smiling all day and for a few short hours I forgot about the ‘upsetting news’ that had hit me the night before. Even though there were just nine simple words and a short PowerPoint in the email, the fact that my friend took the time to send me that email was the real reason I was smiling. For him this may be a ‘no big deal’, since he is the sender, but for the one who received it, [and opened it first thing in the morning], it’s quite something. It reminds me of the saying, ‘Friendships is not one big thing, it’s a million little things.' 

The reason I'm sharing this little story with you is because I personally believe that, putting a smile on some one's face, whether it be a friend, a family member or a complete stranger is the most gratifying thing Ever! So try it...send somebody a text or an email it doesn't have to contain a complete message, just a 'hi' and a smile face would do! It's the smallest and the least time consuming thing you can do, and yet could have a BIG impact, because the person on the other end could be having a crappy day and could really use a smile. Or, they could be having an awesome day, in which case your message would probably just add to their happiness! =]

This is Yours Truly sharing what's on her mind.

Peace ;)


  1. My friends are lucky in this sense because I send them pages and pages of emails! hehehhee

  2. I agree with what you say.
    Some times seeing someone smile can make your day too. && it always feels good to know it was you who made them smile.



  3. Dulce: THat's good! keep it up =]

    Nas: I know ey! Isn't it xD XD

  4. This is quite a thing you have started here. Never thought I'd get to read any of your writing pieces. I hope that you will be writing more :). Although, I must say that this one has me inquisitive as to who this 7 AM emailer could be. Care to answer?