Saturday, October 23, 2010

Writing is like a bath from which you come out feeling cleaner, healtheir, and free-er ;)

This blog post will not make sense to you unless you know what Area 51 is. If not, then check this out before you read the post. 

Read it ? Sweet! Now let's take a look at what the lovely English professor at the University of Alberta has to say about Area 51...

 Area 51
An underground, secret, scary place that might not even really exist, so perfect for storing bodies of Extraterrestrials and escapees from the Cold War dirty tricks gone bad.
We need Area 51 - in fact we all have our own "Area 51". The places in our brains we hide away the things we don't want to show the world, or have the world look into too deeply. Roswell is inside everyone, guarded to keep our own conspiracies of self safe from danger - to us and OTHERS.

Not badly written in a two minute time frame ;)

This is Yours Truly sharing what's on her mind =]



  1. My personal area 51 contains a LOT of deep, dark secrets. 8-).

    But you're right! There's a lot that is just between us and God, and that we dare not speak of! We all need some place to keep our cards to ourself.



  2. i think aliens are real, and this professor is subliminally changing the topic to redirect our attention to something not alien-related :P

  3. HAHAHA wow, didnt think it was this short! It definitely seemed longer on that paper... Oh well, it's still awesome :)

  4. Haha I know, it seemed like a proper essay on that paper. Thanks =]