Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“We just wanna make the world dance! Forget about the priceee taaaags!”


Seriously Rad Blog

Is blogger having an award ceremony week? Because I seem to be involved in a few of these awards recently!

This time the Thank you card goes to Dr. Nas for giving me the “Seriously rad blog” award. Though, he’s going to kill me for saying this but I truly believe that Dr. Nas along with the bloggers listed below are what truly define ‘rad’. They have the clever thoughts and ideas that leave you speechless!  The beautiful touch in their fingers when they type! They have it pretty RAD I'I should not have even been on the Rad list. Seriously Doc, what were you thinking?



The rules of the blog. A.k.A the annoying part:

  • Post a picture taken by you and give it a caption. That sounds fairly easy!

Ice on top of cherry...?

I took this picture with my camera, while taking a stroll on a snowy day. Cherry on icing on a cake makes it looks complete and yummy. But, who says it can’t look that way turned upside down? It’s all about perspective!

Moving on…here is the awaited list of the RAD ones! These are the MOST RAD Blogs I’ve come across so far! Check ‘em out! They are A W E S O M E !

That’s all folks! Take care!

Yours Truly x


  1. Thank you for the honour.

  2. Awwthank you so much! even though I feel like I don't deserve it haha :)

  3. Shukran - Mucho appreciated!

    Do we just post a picture and link to more blogs? :$

    Yeah I'm newbie - deal with it. (Please?) :D

  4. Assalaam Alaikum ms. Yours Truly,

    Aw, thank you so much! It's incredibly sweet of you to think of my blog in passing along the award. I read your message a few days ago, but unfortunately due to my university workload piling on with each day, I hadn't found the chance to respond. I sincerely appreciate the recognition, and it means a great deal to me.

    Have a lovely week! ♥

  5. Thats a great picture mann!
    && Yes, it is indeed all about perspective ;]

  6. Lovely picture, and like Smiley said, it is all about perspective.