Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marriage can wait lets have kids first!


So I’ve been away from home for three weeks now. I have been living at my aunt’s place who lives in a city four hours away from home. She just had a new baby girl, so I’ve been helping her around the house. She also has a six year old and a one year old and a husband who loves kids SO much, that he is almost like the fourth kid in the house! It is so entertaining and busy around here. Coming from a home where the youngest is eleven it is quite different being with little kids 24/7. I can barely keep track of  the days and nights nowadays, which is a good thing because it makes the fasting period go by super fast! 

Sometimes I feel really out of place in this house full of adorable children, because I have long passed that stage. Like I said, the youngest in my house is eleven years old so playing with toys and hearing constant screaming and crying is a very distant memory for me now. But I must say, that in my three weeks here with my aunt I have learned a lot of skills:

- Diaper changing

- Feeding toddlers

- Bathing toddlers

- Dressing up a newborn without twisting and turning her arms.

- Waking up at 2 in the morning to warm up a bottle of milk

- Helping my uncle put child proof locks in drawers and cabinets.

I have experienced it all. Sometimes while I’m holding the newborn in my arms and feeding her with the bottle at 2 in the morning, or chasing the one year old around the house trying to get him to wear sunscreen, I feel pretty frustrated. The first thought that comes to mind is: What am I doing here. But at the same time these are lessons that are going to come in very handy a few years from now when I have a family of my own Insha’Allah!

I can’t wait! :D

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change because I smell like Baby Vomit.


Yours Truly x 


  1. Must admit when my bro had kids I would not change their diapers! :D

    InshAllah these skills will help you when you become a mum! They will come in handy!

    I remember when I had my daughter. I literally went 'Oh Gosh! A what!?' But alhamdulillah your mum instincts kick in.

    InshAllah you will love being a mum when you have your own family. x

  2. haha yeah caring for your relatives kids are great practice. But kids? YIKES can't imagine having them for a long...LONG time :P

    they cute and all but yeah.... : P and damn I hate changing babies diapers. UGH!

  3. Lucky!!!

    My aunt's just adopted a baby girl (she's 9 months) so I can feel the excitement :D though she's less screaming and more laughing mashAllah :)

    They live away from us but I so wish I could be there with them :( we stayed over for the first few days, it was amazing!

    Also OMG, babies smell soooo nice .. well minus the poop and the vomit :P

    Good luck!

  4. Are people allowed to adopt without being married? If so, then forget the wife, I'll just take the babies...LOL

  5. I never did such work.
    looks like u had a great experience

  6. So in these days you are on child care training... :)

    Stay Blessed

  7. Haha! Experience which you can write on the CV :P.


  8. Haha xD !

    THE TITLE!!!!!

    I agree with Nas =D

  9. baby vomit! LOL!
    well i love being around little kids but newborns intimidate me. O.O

  10. i just loveeee kids n sometimes when i am arround them, the thought of having thm soon comes too but i know its not easy having kids ths young so i ll surely wait for the right time :)