Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That sparkle in your eyes…



There is nothing more fun than giving a shower to a toddler. Their tiny little bums slipping and sliding in the tub while you spray them with some lukewarm water. As the first spray of water hits their dry body, the face expression is priceless. It’s like they think that they are drowning, so they reach their hands up and jump for air. haha! Throw in some toys so while  you shampoo them they keep distracted. Spray them at the most unexpected time to catch those exciting laughs they let out. But when/if you ever give a baby a shower don’t forget to make sure the water is warm before you spray them. Don’t do what I did and shower them with ice cold water for the first two minutes and then stand there wondering why on earth are their legs shivering. Wrap them up in a warm and soft towel and cuddle their tiny little body tight as they dry up.

What’s the most wonderful experience you have had with kids? :)


Yours Truly x

ps. To all the Moms out there: Apologies if I missed some major steps, I’m not actually a mother. :P


  1. I adore babies they are so CUTE! I love giving showers to toddlers they are just adorable. ah sigh now im getting baby fever! :P

  2. My nephew once went to sleep in my arms. He's 5 months old. It was such a wonderful feeling, having a small man sleeping calmly in my arms =)

  3. OMG you did that??? Hahahaha I can't believe it :P man, you're making me miss my cousin so much :'(

    I saw her yesterday though, omigosh .. she wouldn't eat her food but would look at us with the most puppy eyes expression when we started eating our food till we gave her some .. and than her face was all >.< because it was kinda sour lol :D

  4. Awwwwh! Little babies are AWESOME.
    It reminds me of your baby pic :P.