Friday, January 11, 2013

“"A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts enforce each other." The Prophet then clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced”


You know those days when your Facebook newsfeed takes a 360 turn, and goes from showing your friend’s funny statuses, memes being thrown from one friend’s wall to another, new pictures of a new hair cut one may have gotten, and all that, to posts of genocides, banners with pictures of bleeding women and children on the streets of Gaza, protestors gathered on the streets in temperatures below zero to show their courage and fearlessness shortly after losing a son, or a mom, or a dad in Pakistan. A woman’s story of how she and her children were verbally abused for being who they are.

Yes, it’s time to talk…

Why is it that….

Can you imagine the courage it takes to sit out on streets in freezing weather side by side with bodies of your loved ones? Can you imagine the atrocities that forces one to resort to such measures? All they ask for is protection. How can these images not move you?
Like always, mainstream media doesn't give a damn. We need to spread the word about this sit-in. Share this as much as you can!

All the protests around the world are being heard, and yet this street full of innocent human beings who have faced just as much loss in the battle with terrorists are being purposely neglected and ignored?

Or why is it that….

the people of Gaza who are not neglected by the media per say, but neglected by their fellow brothers and sisters. How many of us have ignored posts as such on Facebook, and twitter, and refuse to spread the word?

Last but not least…

“My daughters were verbally attacked Monday at a Health Club in North London. Trying to stay modest they were changing in the toilets when a woman in her 30's began banging on the doors telling them to hurry up. I quietly said the girls were 'just trying to be modest, sorry for any inconvenience.' When they came out in their hijabs the woman said; 'oh it would YOU lot. Modest? You can't be effing modest when you are blowing up buildings!' She yelled in their faces (I was around the corner at the time). Both girls cried.” – Lauren Booth Facebook.

As sick as I feel after reading these posts, I am not going to say any detailed posts of rant regarding them. Why? Because all of you are intelligent readers, who can understand a cry for help when your see/hear one. I would be a hypocrite if I favoured any one of these statements shared. And so would you. As important as our brothers and sisters in Gaza are to us, so are the innocent human beings of Pakistan, Bahrain, Syria, and the list goes on. We can’t favour one, but have to stand for all our brothers and sisters. It would also be hypocritical of me to spread the story of Lauren Booth as a fellow muslimah living in the west, and forget about my fellow sisters in India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, where women oppression is at its worst!

Lets take a minute to share all these stories, spread the word, and make du’a for all of our brothers and sisters who are in trouble anywhere in the world.

Yours Truly x


  1. May Allah (swt) ease their pain and help them stay patient and May Allah (swt) give hadayat to the rest of the ummah so they can stand up for their brothers and sisters in Islam.

  2. May Allah guide us to unite and stand against all the injustice going on...

  3. Forget the issue of Muslims and non-Muslims. The Prophet (saw) also said, a Muslim is one from whose hands others are safe. Let us remember each and every one around the world that is suffering due to natural and manmade disasters. May they have peace and security soon insha'Allah.