Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cozy red! What is your favourite fall/winter color?

Hello dear bloggers!
How art thou doing on this fine wintery day? Here’s what I like about the ‘warm winter days’, they are warm, and you don’t have to start your car before hand, or layer up in bundles of jackets and scarves and all that. Which is really nice and time saving. What I don’t like is the slush on the road from all the melting snow. It is so hard to drive on, there is black ice in places you wouldn’t even imagine. Cars spinning on the highway, your shoes getting showered with mud… Oh the wonders of snow!
Tis the night before school starts, and I am sitting here typing up a post, while also thinking about where on campus my class is. I’m going to be honest, it is really exciting going back to school after such a long break. Over six months. And what a six months these have been. So many life changing experiences, its unbelievable. Another reason I’m excited is because I have transferred into B.Ed., and will be taking some new Ed courses, which will be quite a change from all the Shakespeare.
Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with blogging while in school. It really is a nice mind refresher.
How has your winter been so far? How cold is it in your part of the world? Share your stories, Yours Truly would love to hear them!
Take care!

Yours Truly  x


  1. Winter is fake in my side of the world :P

  2. Visiting your blogs after days but I missed it :) I jus love those warm winter days too and have all those great memories attached to them as well. I agree that getting back to school, college is exciting, looking forward to all the new stuff. Being a karachite,my winter season has just started and Its cold, plus i am kinda cold prone so most of my time is spent under blankets.