Monday, September 26, 2011

“What’s your favourite strawberry ice-cream with cherry on top?”


In my life I have been asked many questions. [okay lame start I know. but its Monday, give me a break] From my name, to my field of study, to my phone number. Common questions that we come across everyday, and many times a day. Then there are questions that we used to ask each other oh! back in the day: what is your favourite so and so? Ah! Speaking of favourites. I once watched a video of a man standing on the sidewalk asking random people who walked by, this one simple head-scratching question:

Who is your favourite person!?

The face expression on the people’s face was like they had been struck by a baseball on the head. Favourite person? Is there such a thing…?

We are surrounded by people we love, and people that love us. But to pick one of these people and say that He or She is my favourite? I don’t know how I would tackle that question to be honest with you. And what about the other way around..?

Who’s favourite person are you?

Right of the bat, we all would think: “No one!” because we don’t think that we can have that big of an impact on someone. I mean someone may love us and all, but am I their favourite…?

A daughter would wish she is her Daddy’s favourite.

A wife would wish she is her husband’s favourite.

An employee would wish he/she is his/her boss’s favourite.

But can we really erase the uncertainty from this question…?

That’s what relationships are, are they not? A sky of uncertainty, with Fireworks of pleasure. Fireworks of sorrow. Fireworks of patience. Fireworks of passion.

And if you are sitting there wondering about how to answer that question, chances are you are attached to many love strings. And that is a blessing!


Hope you’re having a great week lovelies <3


Yours Truly x


This one is for you Hot chocolate!


  1. wow...

    "The face expression on the people’s face was like they had been struck by a baseball on the head"

    yeahhh that's my expression right now after reading your post.


  2. My favorite person? Me, myself & I. LOL joking :D well thats a tough question cause everyone who's dear to me is special on their own way.

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend too :)

  3. My favourite person....if I had to pick....would be my munchkin..... but if I had more than one child....then that would be difficult to answer :)

  4. I think it's hard to pick one. Our lives are like ropes, made up of many little ropes interwound with each other. And am I anyone's fav person? I have no idea.