Monday, September 12, 2011

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”


You know when there is that time when you feel totally lost and really on the edge? Well I don’t know how others get over that fear, or find their way but this is what I do:

When I feel completely lost and on the edge, right about to fall off I stick with nothing but these few words:

the minute

After remembering these words my heart starts to feel much better and things start to make sense. It gives me courage to step back from the edge, and try to sort out whatever it is that has me puzzled. It just…helps you know? The feeling I get after remembering these words is like the feeling you get when a friend gives you a warm hug. Normally, I would just turn to my friends for a hug when I’m feeling lonely, but when they’re not around I turn to these words.

How do you get over that feeling? :)


Hope you loveliees are having a good week. I’ll catch up with you all soon hopefully!


Take care


Yours Truly x


  1. Hmm lovely quote.
    True. we all get lonely some times and whenever i am lost and found no way out i just pray to Allah SWT and believe me I always feel better <3 :)

  2. its really good advice girly. I shall remember those words, normally I don't know what to do.

    Thanks again x

  3. I love the quote. I don't know how I get over that feeling to be honest but on the process of finding out, I eat a lot of candy ;) Have a splendid week yourself missy i've missed your posts!

  4. I agree. Awesome quote! I remember having stolen it off you once.

    Just take a breath, close your eyes, and calm down. That normally helps. When you're on the edge and heart is trying to get out of your throat, it's hard to think clearly.