Tuesday, September 6, 2011

“The headlights are on, while the engine is turned off”



waking up

On the train:

Me: This is way too early for me.

J: haha! get used to it Miss. Starting Wednesday, the 6:00 alarm sound is going to be your like music to your ears!

Me: UGH!

J: Let’s grab some coffee yeah?

Me: Sounds good!

At the coffee shop:

J: I’ll have the vanilla mocha tall please.

Me: I’ll have a double double tall as well, thanks!

J: *Makes disgusted face*

**They wait for the orders.**


The cafeteria lounge:

J: So are we on a date or something?

Me: *speechless* where in the world did that come from?

J: Because uhmm you didn’t pay for anything.

Me: *lols*


You know you are tired when…:P x


  1. This post made me LOOOOOOL. haha. You remind me of myself when I wake up really early.

  2. "J: Because uhmm you didn’t pay for anything" lol poor jay.....usually its the guy who has to empty is pockets :)

  3. Love the conversation.Very cute.

    Follow each other .