Thursday, September 29, 2011

I..I love you like a love song baby!


Last week I was on the phone with someone, arranging an interview for a job opening. We talked about the job: Hours, Tasks, Salary etc.. Then we decided to exchange some contact information. She asked for my address, email address etc. to get started on the verification process. In return I asked her for her Email address:

“So can I get your email?, In case I have any questions, I don’t want to call you constantly”, I joked.

“Oh sure honey! It’s “”, she said politely.

“Awh. That’s cute”, I commented smiling.

“I’m getting divorced! It’s called sarcasm”, she laughs.



Leave it up to Yours Truly to put herself in such awkward situations.  --__--

On the other hand, MAN! how do people take such serious situations so lightly! Eye rolling smile

Hope you loveliees have a great weekend!


Yours Truly x


  1. on the other hand, did you notice that the sel gomez's song sounded like this 'i. . . i love you like a love song BEHBI!' hahahahaha.

  2. ooooh awkward!!

    If you don't joke about it you will just end up totally miserable all the time! Guess it is a defence mechanism

  3. Foz: I know right! People can be so calm about certain things. big things. 8-)

  4. Coping mechanism, baby girl...coping mechanism.

    I'm sure she wasn't laughing inside. </3

  5. hahaha... that's not sooo bad. I mean you could have spilled coffee on yourself.

    Not that that's ever happened to me of course.

    But the thing you have to remember but awkward moments.... is that it's only a MOMENT in time. :p

  6. I know a someone who always jokes of serious moments. It's annoying at times, but I guess they do it as a method of self-preservation.

  7. That was some serious sarcasm !!!

  8. Oh My - how embarrassing! your newest follower, Karima

  9. Pretend that you're suddenly the answering machine. Hehehe, just joking. Been there, done that. And you'll never be prepared for when it happens next time. On the plus side; a story to laugh of on the long run:D