Wednesday, July 6, 2011

“Forgive. Forget. That's a lesson that we haven't learned yet. We try. We cry. But a day doesn't die till the sun is set.”


Summer 2011 Collage

Remember those dawns that break out from the night, and all that remains of the night is the dew resting gently upon the grass? Those breezy summer mornings when the clouds are floating high in the sky like cotton candy? When you lay on the fresh green grass with bare feet and listen to the whispers of the grass needles? The hot summer days when the scorching sun rays burn the back of your neck, and a little breeze comes around and embraces your body ever so lightly, only to leave you yearning for more? Those afternoons when your bare feet take walks on the wet sand as the wavy waters creep upon your feet and trickle between your toes? The evenings as you watch the sun sink lower and lower into the lake, leaving the sky with the most dazzling shades of orange the eye has ever seen? And what about those nights, when the winds make the flowers dance and the trees swing under the starry sky, while the leaves hisser quietly amongst each other?

Those days are back…embrace them, admire them, cherish them, capture them into still frames, and make the most of them while you can. ;)

How has your Summer vacation been so far? :)


Yours Truly x




Title: The day doesn’t die – Classified

Picture: My Summer vacation part one in Calgary, CA


  1. Such a pretty imagery! :)
    Summer's been okay. Nothing exciting, a lil bit monotonous so far..

  2. MashaAllah, you've got a lovely blog sister :)

  3. the way you described summer made me sigh. I wish it was like that here, the summer has been boring cause the water has been acting like a freaking hormonal teenager!! bad then slightly good then bad! worst.summer.ever.

    Other than the weather, it's been ok i guess :P haven't gotten the summer feeling yet!

  4. Hey Sister! Nice blog!
    Thanks for following!

  5. As everyone has already stated, your way with words and the manner in which you describe even the minutest of things is amazing masha'Allah! :).

    Summer? Where to start? I'll get back to you on that one sometime soon insha'Allah.


  6. Y.Hayat: Thank you! Don't worry! you have'll surely find something to do :)x

    Niqabi: Thank you! :) awwh! weather can be so unpredictable. Don't worry! it cant rain forever now can it. THe sun has to come out sometime. ;)x

    Nas: Thank you. Yes, please get back to me sometime sooon x

  7. i liked it. i reallyyyy reallyyyy like posts wid attention to detailin.
    so many wonderful things to see!
    kinda reminds me of dis poem frm school
    wat is dis life if full of care,
    dere is no time to stand n stare.

    i understand its nt connected to d post bt got me thinkin.
    grt piece.
    summer vacations r a bit like dey ought to b- uberly HOTT! :o

  8. Sadiya Merchant: Thank you for the follow up, and thanks for your thoughtful comment. I try to write out the details as best I can. =] x