Sunday, July 17, 2011

“A girl’s best friend and her worst enemy: The hair”


Yours Truly is having a proper Gurly girl moment!

Side Ponytails

God bless the Man/Woman who invented this hairstyle. So good for bad hair days! Just a comb, and a hair tie. I will never have to stress about Messy hair on a Party night ever again thanks to this sexy beauty. Brush. Part. Grab. Tie. Spray. Texturize and Voilà! Done! What a life saver. :D





  1. Least you dont get face-palmed by boneless chickens due to your hair 8-)

  2. that hairstyle is really nice! seriously I could totally my hair like that whenever I'm going to a girls night or something. LOL but i usally think hairstyles are too stressful, like it better when my hair is on a bun and my sidebangs styled. That's it :p

  3. ooooh nice hairstyle! I have really long hair and all I do is tie it up in a ponytail because I cant be bothered! Will have to try this style!

  4. I have my hijab for bad hairdays :-D

    XO Arezu

  5. I know right! ohh and the side bun that's a lovely style tooo!

    Foz: Me too. My hair is quite long, and I normallly keepy it on a ponytail, that way it stays out of my face. So this style works really well for me!

  6. HAH! It's never that easy! Your hair looks good when you don't really need it to, and your hair looks crazy when you've made plans to show it off. hahaha
    I just let it down, and when it get's all crazy, I put it back up in a ponytail. :)

  7. Bad hair days? They make you look beter than any other day=D
    Cheers, enjoy your 'proper girly" moment,=D

  8. i totally agree with you, this hair style is a life saver:)

  9. yea i can act as yr your worst foe sometimes especiall when u are going out.great post :)

  10. Pinkgingerale: I know right! I think hair has a mind of its own. It mess with you whenever it want, and please you whenever it wants. -_-

    Hamza bin Ladin: They make you look better? How so? Care to explain? Thank you :P

    Tarunima: It sure is. ;)

    Kiran Ashraf: Thank you! :)