Monday, July 25, 2011

“Wake up in the morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen”


 walk in


If there was anything lonelier in this world than her, it would be the graveyard! The funny thing is, it is the loneliest place on earth, yet even the deceased have company all around them. Like I once heard in a film: “When we’re alone, we’re all together in that too”. So what makes her loneliness so difficult to watch? Oh she's looking at me now. Trying to figure out why on earth I’m staring at her, while my fingers are dancing around on the keyboard. I think you and I both agree that she can use some company. Let’s go talk to her. ;)

“What’s up?”

“Nothing! Why are you staring at me weirdo?”

“I was trying to figure out why you’re sitting here so depressed. Who died?”

“Shut up! Nobody died”

“Then, why the sad face?”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry :)”

“Weren’t you supposed to be going out with your friends tonight? What happened to that?”

“It got cancelled. Some of them couldn’t make it. Some of us had an argument.”

“I see! Why don’t you go out and do something on your own? Go shopping, buy that new camera you wanted?”

“All alone? That’s no fun.”

“See that’s your problem right there. You think you always need someone to be with you, in order to enjoy yourself. That’s not always true you know. We only need others when we are at conflict with ourselves.”

“So you want me to lose my friends and be by myself? Isn’t that like being lonely?”

(Wasn’t staring out the window on a bright summer day, like being lonely..?)

“I’m not asking you to lose your friends. I’m just saying that you should befriend yourself. Spend time with yourself, get to know yourself, learn to be happy with yourself. Get what I mean Jellybean?”

“Would you like to do something with me?”

“This same offer that you made to me, maybe you should make to yourself.”


Having friends is a blessing no doubt, but to take them for granted so much so that we become dependant on them is something to think about. Many times, and I say this from my personal experience with my lovely lovely friend RR, we need a friend to offer us their friendship before we can befriend ourselves. We need someone to show us the light and teach us how to love and appreciate life as it is. Other times, it is important to have a strong relationship with ourselves prior to making bonds with others. That way, when there comes a time in our life that we find ourselves to be friendless, there will always be that one person that we can count on: Our very own self. ;)


 Hope you lovely people are having a lovely week!


Yours Truly x


  1. Another quite thought provoking post.
    I think it is very important that we learn to enjoy our own company as sometimes, due to whatever reason, we make be alone. Not because the friends want to leave you as such, but because they don't really have much of a choice.

    Hope you're well man.

  2. Assalmualaikum~

    Great post!!! Recently I've learned how to be alone and do things bymyself :) I was always scared and hated doing things alone. But now I love taking a walk to the store alone or going for an evening run without my Mr.

  3. Everyone needs to befriend themselves and enjoy their own company. I think it's unhealthy to be so attached to everybody else that you can't go out by yourself and enjoy it without having someone to join you.

    Aweeeesome post as usual :]

  4. i'm my own friend! :D i like doing stuff alone. like reading and listening to music and dancing and singing and walking around malls.

  5. Oh this is relatable. I am my only bff=D
    I even talk to myself. Sing, dance and cry. I love walking for hours, all alone. It's kindda fun. AT TIMES=D


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  6. thts what my mom says that first get befriended with yrself and shez absolutly right cuz many of the times, friends take u fr granted n tht hurts!! great post :)

  7. dudeee - i am loving this post - yeah ! sometimes there are times where i feel horrible for being hermit coz i think i hurt people's feeling but its not personal - like i am not the person for going out to events and etc - i simply like just going alone and going where i feel like going !

  8. I have passed on an award to you. Go check it out on my blog:)