Saturday, July 9, 2011

“You turned out to be the best thing I never had, and I’m going to always be the best thing you never had.”



As much as I love summer and its long sunny days, the dazzling sunsets, the beautiful rains, and the morning dawn, there is one thing that I find quite bothersome about this season. The lack of work. No school, no assignments, no due dates, and basically nothing to consume up your time. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that one can do over the summer. In fact, some of them can be done only over the summer and not the rest of the year, such as:

  • Vacation
  • Visiting
  • Summer courses
  • Summer jobs
  • Volunteering
  • Blogging
  • Reading

However, since the days are so long, there are always hours during the day when one does not have anything to kill the time. And in those moments, one cannot help but miss the days that were so consumed up by time. Deadlines, meetings, work, lectures, coffee dates with friends etc. Though, those days were very well hectic, they kept one busy. Busy enough to distract one from the thoughts of things that are missing. The moments that one had long ago, that will never return. People, who were long ago, and will never return. People who are too far, and one can’t reach.

You see  in the busy, hectic, stressful one was always so busy trying to catch up with the time that always seemed to be running away, that one could not be asked to pause and spare a moment for those distant ones. Sadly, now that one has so much free time lying around in their hands, one wishes to spend it with the distant ones. The distant friends that one hasn’t seen in oh ages. With all this time wasting away, one wishes desperately to put it to use, and kill that feeling of nostalgia, by being with the faraway, yet dearly close friends.


Makes me smile, this concept of time…when life is busy, one keeps running on and on to catch up with the time that always seems so short. Then, when life is not busy, one has a whole ton of time on their hands,  and it becomes too difficult for one to hold it. So, how do you solve this conflict. How do you make these long moments full of nostalgia pass by? Do you try to reach those long distance friends? Email them? Call them? Heck book a flight and give them surprise? Is that how you break from those empowering gates of nostalgia? No you don’t. That would be well foolish. They don’t have time. They are busy with life. They have many things to consume up their time. There is no nostalgia surrounding them. Or is there…?

think of me



Yours Truly x


  1. i totally know the feeling! i am actually rotting away with nothing to do. i can't wait to get back to work in august.

  2. ahh...effing corporate life doesn't let me go all "what to do with all this time!" - I wish I could. But like you said..maybe when I have all that will I really know what do with it?

    really well all things we crave for, this thing called 'Time' is so vague, noh?

    BTW, u changed your background right?

  3. Summer always boost up us to do more work with long day time :)

  4. Even in non-summer days, I feel lazy. I got too much time in my hands and I do anything just so my brain won't be stagnant. On the other hand, yes... time is our greatest asset, only if we use it well. Otherwise, it's going to be our greatest demise too.

  5. Furree Katt: I know! I'm quite impatient to start my daily school routine again, though starting this fall its going to be a LOT different.x

    PG: Thank you for your thoughtful comment, yeah I guess I never really thought about it from the perspective of someone who is constantly busy. That can also make a person pretty nostalgic I guess. I guess we just have to make time sometimes. x

    Asma Khan: That is well true. There are a whole lot of things one can do over the summer! x

    Bessy: You're right! Keeping yourself busy distracts you from the thought of how much time you have on your hands! x

    Nas: <3 x

  6. I know the feeling! however with the long summer holidays a long distant memory, all I can say is enjoy it while you can!! x

  7. Foz: haha! I know! people tell me that ALL the time! "Enjoy it while you can, it doesn't last forever!" and I try my very best to enjoy these times! Thank you! x